Reedsmore designed and printed all the labels and cartons for Canaxen's entire product range.

NSUK Oils Ltd hired Reedsmore to design and supply the labels and cartons for its entire range of Canaxen CBD products.

Canaxen's range of premium CBD oils with metallic labels designed and supplied by Reedsmore.
Canaxen’s range of premium CBD oils with metallic labels designed and supplied by Reedsmore.

Canaxen’s premium range of Bronze, Silver and Gold CBD oils. These labels are printed on a 50μm metallic substrate with white underpin, giving the design extra impact by allowing only specific sections of the label to appear metallic.

The labels are cut to shape, have a permanent adhesive backing and are gloss varnished for resistance to the inevitable drips and spills while the products are in use. In this case, the labels are delivered on reels (as opposed to sheets) for manual or machine application.

Canaxen Gold 10ml label, main design
Main label design for Canaxen Gold 10ml size.
Canaxen Gold 10ml label underpin
White underpin layer for Canaxen Gold 10ml labels.
Canaxen Gold 10ml label cutting guide
Cutting guide giving the labels rounded corners.

The slides above show the print-ready layers for a 10ml bottle of Canaxen Gold.

The first slide shows the main label design. Industry conventions mean that the total CBD content is displayed on the bottle, rather than a percentage by volume. Other design points include the instructional and promotional text to the left of the label, and technical information about the product on the right. When wrapped around the bottle, the gap between both ends of the label is approximately 4mm.

The second slide shows the underpin layer for the same label. Confusingly, the black section on this layer is printed with white underpin and the white sections are left clear. When placed over a metallic substrate, the white (clear) sections remain metallic silver; the black sections appear white. The main design is then printed over the top of the whole layer, allowing the metallic areas to appear any colour, not just silver.

The third slide shows the Canaxel Gold 10ml cutting guide. Labels can be cut to any shape, but in this case we’re just having some simple rounded corners.

Canaxen Terpenoid VG Oil
Original, clean, clinical design for Canaxen's Terpenoid VG oil.
Canaxen Raw Hemp
Rebrand of Canaxen's Terpenoid VG oil, in line with the rest of the Canaxen premium range.

The first slide above shows the original clean and clinical design for the Canaxen VG hemp oil labels. These were printed on 80gsm paper labels, cut to shape with permanent adhesive and a gloss varnish finish. These features provided good resistance to drips and spills, while keeping the labels at a comfortable price point for the client.

The second slide shows the same product later rebranded as Raw Hemp, making it an integral part of the Canaxen CBD range. These were printed in the same way as the Gold, Silver and Bronze products detailed above.

Canaxen CBD e-liquids with labels and cartons designed and supplied by Reedsmore.
Canaxen CBD e-liquids, labels and cartons designed and supplied by Reedsmore. Some print dots may be visible in this image because the bottles are magnified by the camera lens and appear larger here than they actually are. When viewed with the naked eye, the dots are invisible.

The Canaxen CBD e-Liquid range of vape fluids. Both the Blueberry and Jelly Bean designs were based on the first rolling hills design of the Original Hemp flavour. Applying this look and feel to the cartons as well as the labels provides a rounded customer experience, retaining the key Canaxen brand values while allowing the premium products to retain their premium status.

The slides above show the print-ready designs for the Canaxen e-Liquid labels. As the labels measure just 62mm wide when printed, space is at a premium. Centering the branding would have made the space at either end of the labels unusable for any amount of legible text.

However, as the visible area of the label when applied to the cylindrical bottles is just 27mm from edge to edge, we were able to comfortably place the front of the label at the right hand end of the label, leaving the left hand end for the obligatory notices on the reverse. Just enough space between the hero design and the end of the label means that the label edge cannot be seen when the finished package is viewed from the front.

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