Your Customers are Everything

People forget what you said and forget what you did. But they never forget how you made them feel.

Design Thinking places people first in the approach to solving problems. This is the cornerstone of everything we do at Reedsmore.

We create media – images, audio and video – that deliver your message in ways that your target audience finds accessible.

This means that your audience is ready to connect with your brand, putting you at the top of their list when they are ready to buy.

Benefits of the Reedsmore Approach

Faster results for less money.

Better response.


The first step in successfully selling anything is identifying the people who will buy from you: Your target audience.

Knowing your audience means knowing what makes them feel good.

Communicating with your audience in ways that they like helps them to feel good about your brand.

If they feel good about your brand, they're more likely to buy from you.

Reedsmore helps you reach your target audience in ways that make them feel good.

Doing this builds recognition and trust in your brand, which in turn leads to happier, more loyal customers.

Joined-Up Thinking

For a seamless customer experience

Make your customers feel good and they will come back to buy more, more often.

Communicating consistently and clearly with your target audience helps you deliver a smoother, more rounded customer experience.

Reedsmore helps you

I even make sure that we at Reedsmore follows our own advice. By taking a joined up approach to your branding, Reedsmore is able to offer a fully-integrated experience for our customers, too. And it will come as no surprise when I tell you that it works.

How Reedsmore Makes Everything Easier

You might currently have disparate group of contractors working for you - a graphic designer, a web designer, a print supplier, photographer and web hosting provider - none of whom will know or communicate directly with each other, and all of whom you have to manage, as well as doing your day job.

Reedsmore tidies up everything for you. Rather than having all these contractors to corral, we can manage your entire brand experience for you, distilling many points of contact into one. Leaving Reedsmore, your marketing team and you. The three can talk to each other and the process is smoothed out wonderfully.

And if you're already outsourcing and happy with some or all of your suppliers, great! Whatever your situation, we can integrate seamlessly and manage everything for you, providing the rounded brand experience that you want and your customers love.

We take a pride in what we do. In an era of do-it-yourself automation, we recognise the value of giving our clients the attention they deserve. Relationships matter, and the better we can integrate with your marketing team (whether they be internal or external to your company) the better experience you will have.

We know the market. Part of our job is to get you the best possible solution at the best possible price, so we use a group of specialist suppliers rather than just tie ourselves to one. In print especially, the products you need may span business cards, trade-show displays, cakes and vehicle wraps. One printer doesn't have the capability to carry out all of those tasks, so we have a group of hand-picked suppliers who can be relied upon to provide good quality products and service. 

Why Your Brand Should be Your Business's Most Treasured Asset

The overwhelming majority of businesses can be replicated overnight. A new or existing competitor can swoop in with an adaptation or variation of whatever it is that you make, do or sell, scooping up swathes of your market without warning. Even protection by patents and

True, the more complicated the product, the longer it may take to replicate. An iPhone, for example, has a supply chain as complex as its inner workings. But all of that happens in the dark. The first you know about it is when the interloper pops up and starts undercutting you on price, and perhaps even surpassing you on quality and customer service. By then it doesn't matter how long it's taken them: They're doing it and your business is suddenly under immediate threat.

But a brand cannot be replicated overnight. Not just your logo, or even your way of doing things, but the trust and faith that your brand has earned over its lifetime cannot be imitated.

And that's why your brand needs to be guarded and nurtured, fed and watered, massaged and exercised and cared for as though it were a living, breathing organism.

Reedsmore specialises in helping you do this.

Three Good Reasons

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