Website Refreshes From Reedsmore

For great content that needs a professional polish.

What We Do

Examine your site and make recommendations.

Take your existing website and transfer it to Reedsmore’s managed hosting.

Apply the design recommendations as per your approval.

Point your domain to your refreshed site and make it live.

Pricing is dependent on the size of the job and starts at just £295.00

  • Aesthetics. Site design has evolved alongside technology. Google now has a mobile-first policy, meaning that if your site doesn’t deliver a special version for mobile devices, it will downrank your site in its results.
  • Security. The architecture of older sites leaves them vulnerable to various forms of attack including brute force, DoS and directory traversal.
  • SEO. If Google can’t navigate your site, it won’t rank you highly in its search results.
  • User experience. If the look and feel of your site is dated, you’re not making a great first impression.
  • Reduce costs: Many older sites need your current webmaster to act as a gatekeeper to the site, meaning you have to pay them every time you want to update your blog or change information on a page. That’s no longer necessary – you can take charge.