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Why Refresh Your Website?

  • If you’ve outgrown your current platform. If you built your site on Wix, Weebly, Squarepace or similar platform, your needs may have quickly exceeded its capabilities. We’ll take your existing content and replicate it on a self-hosted WordPress installation, giving you the longevity, security and freedom of owning your content.
  • If only your web designer can update your site. You shouldn’t have to pay your web designer every time you want to update your blog post or adjust information on a page. After a Reedsmore site refresh, you and your colleagues can easily update your site whenever you like at no extra cost.
  • If your site isn’t mobile responsive. If your current site forces mobile users to pinch-zoom their way around the page, you’re not only giving them a poor experience, you’re missing out on valuable traffic and sales.
  • If your site just looks and feels outdated. If you’re still relying on clipart, Dreamweaver and Flash, it’s high time for an update.

Three Good Reasons

Key benefits of choosing a website refresh from Reedsmore.

User Experience

A fresh, contemporary website gives your visitors a great first impression. Helping them find what they want quickly and easily speeds up sales.

Improved SEO

A refreshed site from Reedsmore loads quickly, is mobile responsive and easy to navigate, all of which help you rank better in Google’s search results.

Enhanced Security

Ageing architecture can leave sites vulnerable to new forms of attack. A website refresh helps to keep your site secure.

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How Site Design Affects Sales

Website design evolves with technological advances as well as convention. Functions that can easily be added to websites today may not have been available when your site was built.

Users’ expectations are constantly growing, as they expect to find information laid out in an easily-accessible way using clear navigational tools and signposts. This is in addition to fully expecting your website and all its functions to display correctly on whichever device they choose to view it on.

Google now has a mobile-first policy, prioritising mobile-responsive sites. This means that if your website doesn’t automatically deliver a specially optimised version for mobile devices, Google will downrank your site in its search results.

Pricing is dependent on workload and starts at just £195.00 +VAT.

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