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Sites With Substance and Style

Reedsmore builds fully functional business websites in great-looking contemporary designs. From a brochure site to showcase your products and services, a membership site to an online store, we can help you build and manage a site that works for your business and speaks to your customers.

We build on self-hosted WordPress installations, giving you the combination of a firm foundation with the freedom for your site to grow with your business.

Website Refreshes

If you’ve already got a site that needs bringing up to date, or you’ve outgrown your current platform or host, we’ll take your existing content and make it shine with a Website Refresh.

Small Is Beautiful

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have a huge portfolio of content, or if you need a website for a single, specific purpose, one of our Microsites may be exactly what you need.

Why Choose Reedsmore?

It’s Your Website

We don’t act as gatekeepers to your site. You’ll always have direct back-end access, so you can update and modify it as you wish. And we’re always on hand to provide assistance when you need it.

Easy To Use

Since its update to version 5 in December 2018, WordPress is easier to use than ever. And as the web’s most widely-used content management system (CMS) you’ll have no trouble training staff.

Secure As Standard

During the setup process we install an SSL certificate and security and monitoring software. These keep your site and its data safe from attacks such as brute force hacks and denial of service attempts.

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What Makes a Great Website?

At Reedsmore, we believe that great websites are…

  • Beautiful. A beautiful website is like a well-kept home: Clean, tidy and free of clutter, containing only things that are either useful or genuinely enhance the user’s experience. So rather than adding junk like site intro screens and pointless flash animations, we create websites focused on nurturing leads and generating sales.
  • Functional. A website should enhance as well as augment your business, serving a unique role within your overall business structure. Whether your website acts as your shop floor, or an online brochure for generating leads, we’ll identify the key role of your website within your greater sales pipeline.
  • Easy to use. Visitors to business websites are primarily there to find information. We make sites which are well organised and easy to navigate, enabling visitors to easily find what they’re looking for.

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