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What Are Microsites?

A microsite is simply a small website which meets a single, specific need.

Use cases include:

  • Hyper-local news, offers and directories for franchises, branches of large organisations and
  • Landing pages for special offers.
  • Temporary sites for information on one-off events.

Key Benefits of Microsites

No need for an app. Cheaper to create, Reedsmore microsites are mobile-responsive.

Mobile responsive.

Built and managed separately from your main site. Microsite can be branded in the same way as your parent site for an integrated user experience, and even be hosted on a subdomain of the main site.

Cheap to build and run.

Can easily be built on an and extended.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Franchisees and Branch Managers

A franchisee creates a social media campaign to run a special offer promotion to their local customers. However, they don’t have access to the main franchise website, so once the

Use Case 3: A Hyper-Local News Board

A managed office centre wants to add value to its clients by arranging networking events,

Emails generate l

Use Case: Clubs and Organisations

Getting people

How does it work?

First we’ll set up your account on a branded subdomain of our sister site So your microsite will live at (for example)

If you wish, and with the co-operation of your domain owners,

We’ll build your microsite using your existing brand assets, including your brand’s logo, colours and fonts. We can also incorporate any video, graphics and imagery you like and we’ll always be on hand with guidance on best practice for

Microsites and Social Media

Microsites by Reedsmore work in tandem with social media. For

Key Benefits

Emails get deleted or forgotten about. Microsites stay in one place.

You’re in control.

Communicate clearly to a targeted group of people.