The Job

StubHub identified that a significant amount of customer service calls saw their team repeatedly addressing the same problems. When trying to accomplish particular tasks on the website, customers would frequently find themselves facing difficulties at the same points.

While some design tweaks were required to smooth out the user experience, StubHub needed a more immediate way of alleviating customer frustration and reducing the time and expense of their customer services team solving the same problems time and again. StubHub asked Reedsmore to produce some tutorial videos addressing the most common difficulties faced by customers who had called for support.

Working closely with StubHub’s internal customer service and design teams, we scripted, animated and voiced a series of videos which utilised and built upon existing design assets to seamlessly integrate with StubHub’s global brand.

The Result

Reedsmore’s tutorial videos for StubHub were a tremendous success. Within twelve weeks of the first few videos going online, calls to StubHub’s customer services team fell by 34%. That overall reduction came against a background of increased traffic, sales and listings in the same period. With no other significant changes being made at the time, this highlights that the reduction in customer service contact was directly attributable to the success of the tutorial videos.

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