What Are Tutorial Videos?

Reedsmore’s tutorial videos helped StubHub reduce their customer service bill by more than 33%. Read the case study.

Tutorial videos – sometimes called how-to videos or walkthroughs – give the viewer a step-by-step guide to completing a task.

That task could be something hands-on, like building a wardrobe or baking a cake. Or it could be something virtual, such as operating a piece of software or navigating a website.

Key Benefits of Tutorial Videos

Expert Guidance

Deliver quality coaching and teaching, clearly and succinctly, without any waffle or distractions.

Always On

The viewer can pause, rewind, review and return to the video as many times as they want, learning at their own speed.


Enable your users to find answers quickly and easily. Clear titles and descriptions can also vastly improve your SEO.

Global Reach

Reach global markets on a local basis by creating foreign-language versions of videos for use across multiple territories.

Why Use Tutorial Videos?

  • Reduce support requests. Help customers learn to overcome common difficulties without the need for one-to-one support.
  • Increase customer confidence. The presence of tutorial videos can influence buying decisions by demonstrating to customers that you provide superior, easily accessible after-sales support.
  • Highlight features and benefits. Tutorial videos can help sway buying decisions by showing customers the full potential of your product or service before they buy. And after customers have made their purchase, these videos ensure they maximise the potential of their product, reinforcing confidence in their decision and eliminating buyer remorse.

Reedsmore’s tutorial videos helped speed up onboarding and improve new-user engagement for Eagle Eye. Read the case study.

Who Uses Tutorial Videos?

  • Websites, Software and SaaS Providers. Enhance your user experience with tutorial videos. Help new users to rapidly learn how to use your software, help seasoned users discover advanced functions and help everyone troubleshoot successfully, without having to call on you for help.
  • Product Vendors. Ever had trouble with a flat-pack? Ikea US provides tutorial videos to show customers how to assemble its products, increasing customer confidence prior to purchase and customer satisfaction after the sale is complete.
  • Teachers and Tutors. Raise your profile and boost your SEO by sharing your knowledge, helping others and showing the world that you are a go-to authority in your field of expertise.
  • Consultancies and Service Providers. Gain an edge over your competitors by demonstrating that you’ve got the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of your prospective clients, giving them clear reason to choose you.

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