From Awareness To Action

“Cribs” promotional video campaign for Homes4u. Read the case study.

Exactly what makes an effective promotional video campaign depends on your target audience, your goals and your line of business. However, any good strategy uses a combination of ongoing brand building and periodic promotions.

Awareness campaigns work through the repeated exposure of your audience to the key characteristics of your business or brand, helping you build long-term brand recognition.

Limited-time campaigns present a clear, specific offer to your audience and create urgency for action. Limited time campaigns are bright and brief and are especially effective for promoting special offers, flash sales and competitions.

Three Good Reasons

to choose Reedsmore to produce your promotional videos.

Get Heard

Bespoke video campaigns that connect with your target audience. No cookie-cutter templates or off-the-shelf solutions.

Get Noticed

Couple long-term brand awareness with limited-time campaigns that prompt customers to buy now.

Best Value

The biggest bang for your budget, maximising use of all available resources and recycling existing material to create fresh content.

Your Trusted Production Partners

Promotional video campaign for The Best of Manchester, described by the client as “a phenomenal success”. Read the case study.

At Reedsmore, we see every production as a partnership between our client and our team.

You know your business, your customers and what they respond to. You know how they spend their time and what they like.

Your input brings local knowledge, nuance and flavour to the production, while we bring the ideas, the experience and the expertise.

Whether for a one-off event or as part of a wider campaign, together we create promotional videos that resonate with your target audience, increasing brand awareness, expanding your market and ultimately driving sales.

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