One of a series of interview videos produced by Reedsmore for Informed Solutions.

Start a working relationship before even meeting your client.

Interview videos from Reedsmore enable prospective clients to see and hear you speaking with authority and candour about your area of expertise.

The universally recognised TV interview format empowers your experts, professionals and business leaders to demonstrate their honesty, transparency and sincerity to your target audience.

This helps your customers quickly build confidence and trust in your key people, ensuring that every working relationship gets off to a flying start.

Three Good Reasons

Key benefits of choosing Reedsmore to produce your interview videos.

Efficient and Effective

We can produce several videos from a single shoot, delivering maximum impact for minimum spend.

Stress-Free Production

We make it easy for you to look great on screen. No lines to learn, no need to speak into a camera or read from a prompter.

Right Every Time

Expert guidance and coaching is on hand throughout production to ensure you get the most from your shoot.

Who Needs Interview Videos?

Trust is an essential element of any succesful working relationship, but particularly so in knowledge-based industries.

Interview videos enable you to demonstrate your authority and expertise, immediately boosting a customer’s trust in your people and your brand.

In particular, providers of personal professional services such as legal, accounting, healthcare and financial services can see significant benefits from using interview videos to rapidly build trust.

With more than a decade of experience in television news production, Reedsmore are experts in setting up, conducting and producing professional on-camera interviews for outstanding results.

Why Choose Reedsmore?

Experienced, professional interviewer.

We ask clear questions to receive genuine answers. No need to memorise any lines or read from a script.

Professional direction and coaching.

We’ll guide you through everything to do during your shoot, so you appear natural and relaxed on camera.

Everything pre-planned.

We’ll help you uncover the topics and questions in advance so we cover everything you want, nothing you don’t, with no awkward surprises.

“Meet the Founders” interview video produced by Reedsmore for Dutch fintech startup, Wizzle. Read the case study.

Use Cases

Video interviews convey a warm, personal message to your target audience. This can be especially effective for:

  • Explaining what new customers can expect when they begin to engage with your business.
  • Stakeholder communications for prospective and existing investors, addressing the effects of recent news and developments both within and outside the business.
  • Demystifying of procedures and processes which may be standard in your line of business, but alien to outsiders.
  • Tailoring information to content-specific audiences.

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