What Makes Video So Effective?

After meeting a customer in person, online video is the second most effective way of delivering your message.

Used correctly, video is the most effective way to engage prospects and customers quickly and efficiently.

When a user clicks Play on your video, they’re giving you explicit permission to deliver your message to them. They’re putting you centre stage, giving you their undivided attention and trusting you with their valuable time.

Don’t let that opportunity go to waste. If you only tell them what you want to tell them, o

Tell them what they came to hear. Tell them sincerely, honestly and in as few words as possible. Tell them what to do next and, where possible, give them the tools to do it.

Then, let them go.


One size does not fit all. One of the biggest mistakes big brands still make is to move their TV advertisements online and expect them to perform. TV is a different animal to online. The expectations of the viewer are different; the environment and conditions that surround them as they are watching are different and perhaps inconsistent from one viewer to the next. You watch online video on your commute, not just on your sofa.

We take all this into account when producing videos for our clients. We’ll not only target your message to your viewer, we’ll also design your video to have maximum impact on the specific platform that you want your campaign to run. And if you want your campaign to run on multiple platforms, we’ll ensure that your video is optimised for each of those platforms.


Promotional Videos

Promote your business, products and services on social media, YouTube and more.

Countdown videos.

Explainer Videos

Homepage / product page videos.

Highlight the benefits of your product or service.

Interview / coffee shop videos.

Case studies.

Tutorial Videos

Also known as walk-through or how-to videos.

Great for:

SaaS providers.

Onboarding staff.

After-sales care.