You Probably Shouldn't Read This

Most business owners are happy to stay exactly where they are.

It's astonishing how many business owners seem to be happy where they are. They let their business coast along, doing what they've always done, being like the rest. If it ain't broke, why try to fix it? Here's why:

Because doing the same thing doesn't work forever.

Or even for very long. The business landscape is changing more rapidly than it ever has before. Customers have more choice and more information at their fingertips that ever before.

Reedsmore helps you keep up.

Happy? Great.

If you're happy with where your business is, that's fantastic. We're happy for you. You've got as far as you want to go. Stop right here. Don't spoil it. Get out of here.

But if you've got the ambition for your business to be better than the rest, read on.

There's one thing that drives us here at Reedsmore, and that's our clients' success. If you sell better, you sell more. If you sell more, you grow and succeed.

Hard sell is no fun for anyone.

Selling something to someone who doesn't want to buy it is painful for you, and for your customer. You spend an enormous amount of time and energy trying to convince someone they want something when they don't. In doing so, you pretty much guarantee that nobody will ever come back to buy from you again, nor will they recommend you to anyone else. Which means you have to find somebody totally new and start the grind over again. Nobody wins.

There's a better way to sell.

Without exception, every single business needs sales to survive, and even more sales to grow. The most efficient way to make those sales is to reach the people who need or desire what you're selling. This way your customers go away happy, they tell their friends how great you are and selling

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

We think so. But so many businesses get it badly wrong. They look for new markets where there are none, they try the same tricks with the wrong audience. They compete solely on price, racing with their competitors to see who can lose money the fastest for longest. Why do they do this?

Because when you run a business, it's not easy to see things from the customer's perspective.

Sure, you have great customer service. But could it be easier for your customers to buy from you? It's not just about selection, payment and delivery: Make it easy for them to buy a solution to the problem they have right now, they will more than likely buy from you than spend time seeking an available alternative.

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