Reedsmore designed and printed all the labels and cartons for Canaxen's entire product range.
Reedsmore designed, managed and supplied all the labels and cartons for Canaxen’s family of products.

More Than Just a Logo

While a logo plays a key role in brand recognition, it is far from the only aspect to consider in brand design.

At Reedsmore, we looks beyond the logo to the ways it will be applied in the marketplace, and the way the brand will appear to the people who matter most: Your customers.

We examine the message conveyed by the colours and shapes, how they make people feel and whether they convey the right message that your target audience will love.

We’ll examine how your brand sits next to other existing brands. Is it likely to be confused for an incumbent player? Did a company with similar name crash, leaving a toxic legacy?

By taking into account the bigger picture of how your brand will be applied, seen and felt, we can design you a strong, long-lasting brand which truly resonates with your target audience.

Design evolution of the logo designed by Reedsmore for My Care Consultant. Read the case study.

Brand Refreshes

As fashions come and go, so do aspects of design. Some designs look fresh and punchy the day they are made, but quickly begin to look a little faded. This is especially apparent when novel design techniques are used: Once they are out of the bag, everyone wants to use them. Then they become ubiquitous and fall out of fashion.

Successful, fast-moving startups can often find that the logo that they threw together at launch simply isn’t growing with them.

For technical or aesthetic reasons, it could be time to update your branding. If your brand is suffering from being repurposed and reinterpreted (often badly) by various parties. By defining and publishing brand guidelines, Reedsmore can help you remove ambiguity, regaining control of your brand through improved brand consistency and brand recognition.

Comparison of the old CLLSA logo with the refreshed logo created by Reedsmore. Read the case study.

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