Why Daily WordPress Updates Are Essential

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Because if you don’t, you risk getting hacked.

In January 2017, WordPress identified a potential exploit in the code of its content management system.

Like most vulnerabilities, this serious security hole was discovered by WordPress developers before hackers got hold of it. Before it could be exploited, WordPress promptly issued a security update. Once installed, the update would prevent the upgraded WordPress website from being hacked.

However, not all WordPress users update their sites every day. WordPress knows this so, after issuing the update, WordPress kept secret the scale of the problem for one week, giving users adequate time to upgrade to the new, secure version of WordPress, without drawing too much attention to the problem.

But even with this grace period, many WordPress users were still too slow to upgrade. Two weeks later, hackers launched a global attack successfully using the exploit to breach nearly 40,000 unpatched WordPress sites, resulting in the defacement of over one million pages.

All of the sites on Reedsmore’s managed hosting network received the critical update within hours of its release. Consequently, none of our Reedsmore managed hosting clients were affected by the attack.

Reedsmore’s managed hosting packages include daily WordPress updates as standard, and a range of other features to keep your site safe, secure and up to date. Find out more.