Promotional Video: Homes4U “Mystery Guest”

Homes4U hired Reedsmore to produce a Question of Sport “mystery guest” style video for a promotional Facebook campaign, in conjunction with their sporting partners Sale Sharks.

Homes4U “Mystery Guest” promotional campaign produced by Reedsmore.

  • Project Type: Promotional Video
  • Client: Homes4U
  • Platforms: Facebook, Twitter
  • Year: 2018

Production Notes

Following the success of the Cribs campaign we produced a year earlier, Homes4U returned to work with Reedsmore on this promotional competition based on the Mystery Guest round in the long-running BBC sports panel show, A Question of Sport.

Once again leveraging Homes4U’s partnership with Sale Sharks, we had been given permission for one Sharks player to appear in the video.

Given just two hours to work with our mystery Shark, we shot the video in half a day at Homes4U’s brand new city centre branch on Deansgate, opposite Manchester’s landmark Beetham Tower.

As well as the main video, we also needed to ensure we captured extra footage for the competition’s reveal video, which was to be released alongside the announcement of the competition’s winner.

Homes4U “Mystery Guest” trailer.

To ensure the competition was open to entrants who were not avid Sale Sharks fans, we made the quiz a multiple choice of four similar-looking Sharks, presented via their team stills at the end of the video.

Homes4U agreed that a significant factor of the success of the previous Cribs campaign was down to the anticipation built by the trailers we produced to run in advance of the competition start. To replicate that success in this campaign

As you can see from the finished videos, the competition was no pushover. We had plenty of wrong answers entered, as well as many correct ones. This shows us that we did a good job in shooting and editing the video to make the player identifiable without making it too easy.

This kept the promotion from becoming a simple lottery, increasing the feeling of involvement of viewers and deepening the engagement of all those who entered.

Homes4U “Mystery Guest” reveal.