Interview Videos: Wizzle

Dutch financial technology startup Wizzle hired Reedsmore to produce a series of interview videos introducing their products and services to a variety of target audiences.

Wizzle: The Basics

  • Project Type: Interview Videos
  • Client: Wizzle
  • Platforms: Client website; YouTube
  • Year: 2018

We designed the videos to be watched in any order and to be equally effective whether viewed individually or conjunctionally.

This enabled Wizzle to tailor their message to directly address the interests of three different audience segments: Potential investors, franchisees and customers.

Five videos were produced in total. The first two videos were designed for all audiences, one covering the basics of what Wizzle provides and one offering some background to the company.

Two more videos focused specifically on addressing the interests of potential investors and franchisees.

The fifth video was an informal sofa interview with Wizzle’s two co-founders.

All five videos were shot in a single day in London. In post-production we added graphics (which in this case were created by Wizzle’s animation house in Italy) colour-graded the videos for consistency, added music and mixed the audio.

Wizzle: Meet the Founders

Wizzle: About the Company

Wizzle for Investors

Wizzle for Franchisees