Project Overview

We created a microsite for the Regus office at 82 King Street. This enabled Regus’s office managers to provide an enhanced experience to the building’s tenants and their employees.

  • Project Type: Microsite
  • Client: Regus
  • Year: 2018

Connecting Businesses

Front page of the microsite created by Reedsmore for Regus Manchester King Street.

A key problem for Regus tenants was the lack of any clear way for businesses to find and connect with one another. By creating a hub for hyper-local information, the tenants, the office managers and Regus as a whole stood to benefit.

We created a microsite where the office managers could post news, announcements and special offers tailored specifically to the tenants of that particular building.

The microsite ran in parallel with – and separately from – Regus’s main site. This meant we didn’t need access to the main site when building the microsite, nor did the office staff need back-end access to the main site when managing and adding content to the microsite.

The building’s tenant businesses and their employees saw benefits from an improved community with easier, centralised access to one another. This enabled discovery of service providers in the building and also the harnessing of business by providing preferential rates and special offers to neighbouring businesses.

The Regus office managers benefited from a simplified line of communication with tenants. Prior to the microsite going live they relied upon blanket emails (which easily get deleted, ignored or subsumed) and notes pinned to the kitchen notice board, which often got missed.

Regus as a whole benefited from the added value that they are providing to their tenants, making their Manchester King Street branch a more attractive place for business owners and decision-makers to set up an office.

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