Project Overview

Financial services startup My Care Consultant hired Reedsmore to design and develop a brand to represent its services and make an instantly appealing connection with its target audience.

  • Project Type: Brand Design
  • Client: My Care Consultant
  • Project Lead: Rob Taylor
  • Year: 2014

More Than Just a Logo

My Care Consultant’s founder Jacqueline Berry brought Reedsmore on board pre-launch, when she was still finalising the name for the business. So the first thing we did was analyse the names she had shortisted. The criteria we checked for included:

  • Potential clashes with existing brands. Was there an incumbent brand or product with a similar name which might cause confusion in the market? Even if a name is legally sound, being close enough to an existing brand can store up problems for the future, as any negative newsflow which that brand attracts can easily rub off on you.
  • Trademarks, company names and recently dissolved companies. Using a trading name similar to that of a company that went bust may cause problems obtaining credit and even opening a business bank account.
  • Domain name availability. Is the .com of the proposed name available? If not, check whether a competitor has already set up a thriving business there. If they have, sidestepping this issue by buying the or other version of the domain will see you struggle to build trust and probably lose business to your established competitor, perhaps even if your customers genuinely think they are buying from you.
  • Unnecessary complexity. Circumventing the domain name issue by adding punctuation or using unconventional spellings is always best avoided. They may look fun on screen and in print but can’t be easily verbally communicated, which weakens the brand.
  • Unintended connotations. Can the name be misconstrued or otherwise distorted into something undesirable? If you’re trading internationally, does your brand name mean something rude in a foreign language?
  • Appeal to target market. Hopefully you’ll have eliminated all the real no-go names before embarking on the above steps, but it’s still absolutely critical to ensure that the name you’ve chosen is acceptable to your desired audience.

Following all of these checks, one name in particular stood out from those shortlisted: My Care Consultant.

Composite image showing the evolution of font selections and text layout during the initial development of the My Care Consultant logo.

Look and Feel

With the name selected, we began work on the look and feel of the brand. The key service area offered by the company is providing specialist financial advice to people who are either in need of long-term care assistance themselves, or to the adult children of those people.

People who find themselves in need of My Care Consultant’s services will be facing an unfamiliar situation at a time in which they will be experiencing a significant degree of stress. They will undoubtedly feel vulnerable, so it’s absolutely crucial for them to feel that they can trust My Care Consultant to be on their side.

My Care Consultant needed a brand which would immediately connote warmth, safety and trust, coupled with years of specialist expertise in this particular area of financial services.

We began by testing fonts, searching for one or a combination of no more than two which would speak with the calm, authoratitive voice we required.

As you can see from the composite above, the layout emerged early, primarily driven by the shapes of the three words of the name and the importance of being able to communicating the brand at a glance.

During our consultations with the client, she had said that she had in mind the image of a sunrise or eclipse for the shape of the logo. The warmth of the sun certainly carried the connotations we required, so we began experimenting with warm yellows and oranges combined with a rich blue, signifying trust and strength.

Composite image showing the evolution of shapes and colours during development of the My Care Consultant logo.

Brand Application

A key consideration of good brand design is understanding how the brand will be applied, so using colours and shapes which can be accurately replicated across a broad range of applications, maximising the brand’s flexbility and longevity. These days, the vast majority of applications are typically either on-screen or in print.

However, a well designed brand will also be able to retain its characteristics when applied to less common situations such as backlit signage or billboard advertising.

The colours and bold shapes of the My Care Consultant brand were specifically selected to appear the same across a variety of applications, allowing the brand the flexibility to accommodate particular situations, without compromising brand recognition.

My Care Consultant business card design by Reedsmore

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