Project Overview

Eleven Hundred Agency chose Reedsmore to produce a series of videos for their client IPI, documenting keynote presentations at their Digital Contact Centre Transformation conference.

  • Project Type: Event Videos
  • Client: IPI
  • Platform: Client website; social media
  • Year: 2019

Event video of IPI’s Valur Svansson presenting at the Digital Contact Centre Transformation conference in Manchester.

Our Approach

Digital contact centre specialists IPI wanted some short, shareable videos documenting the keynote speakers at the Digital Contact Centre Transformation conference they were holding in Manchester.

We took the brief and drafted a proposal document of our recommendations. Every Reedsmore proposal carries a clear statement of the intended goals for the project, a clear outline of the solution we are proposing, the budget required for the job and any recommended options. Not even cash-rich businesses want to spend more than they need to, so we always ensure we optimise spend to provide the best possible value and ensure the finished production delivers maximum impact for the client.

On the basis of our proposal, IPI’s PR consultancy, Eleven Hundred Agency, selected Reedsmore to produce a series of four videos for their client.

Alexander Michael of Frost and Sullivan, presenting at IPI’s Digital Contact Centre Transformation conference in Manchester.


The nature of live events means that there are no second chances to capture the video and audio required for a good production.

It’s therefore crucial to hire an experienced and professional production crew to ensure nothing gets missed.

On the day, our cameraman arrived in good time to liaise directly with representatives of IPI and Eleven Hundred to ensure that he had a clear rundown of the proceedings and was suitably set up to capture everything that would be required.

Before presenting, each speaker was fitted with a radio mic to capture the best possible quality audio, with minimal background noise from the audience and extraneous sources such as air conditioning units.

Watching a single, locked-off camera shot for longer than a few seconds is tedious for the viewer, so during the presentations our cameraman followed the speakers as they moved around the platform, giving depth and dynamism to the images.

Following the successful transfer of the rushes, we created a long initial cut of each of the four presentations and shared them with Eleven Hundred and IPI for their feedback.

Online video needs to stay pacy to keep the viewer engaged. Working closely with Eleven Hundred, we cut down each of the presentations to a manageable duration, retaining the salient points and removing anything that slowed the progress of the presentations, such as longer natural pauses and breaks for audience questions.

Once the content of each video had been determined, we overlaid the relevant slides at the appropriate places in each video. We also created and animated an opening title graphic for each video, along with a closing slate, and applied them accordingly.

Finally, we processed and optimised the audio, colour balanced each shot to give everything a natural, uniform look. We then presented the finished videos to the client for approval, before transferring the finished MP4 files, ready for immediate use.

What the Client Said

“We had the pleasure of working with Reedsmore recently on a series of videos for one of our clients.

Reedsmore evolved a relatively limited brief into a series of ideas that would maximise the use of content from the event, all within a fixed budget.

From filming to post-production, Reedsmore ensured that the whole process was as smooth as possible for us, delivering a collection of high quality video content that exceeded our client’s expectations.

We would highly recommend their services.”


Claire Ayles

Co-founder, Eleven Hundred Agency

Steve Murray of IPI, presenting at the Digital Contact Centre Transformation conference in Manchester.

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