Project Overview

Homes4U hired Reedsmore to produce an MTV Cribs-style video for their Facebook campaign in conjunction with their sporting partners Sale Sharks.

  • Project: Homes4U “Cribs”
  • Client: Homes4U
  • Platforms: Facebook, Twitter
  • Year: 2017

“Cribs” promotional campaign produced by Reedsmore for Homes4U.

The Production

Viewers were to count the rugby balls in the video which had been placed around the home of Sharks head coach Steve Diamond, and enter by placing their answer in the comments below the video. The winner would be selected at random from the correct entries.

Following a half-day shoot on location at Steve Diamond’s home in Knutsford, we cut the video with additional game footage of the Sharks in action, added and cut to length an appropriate music track and created and animated graphics to go over the edit.

When creating video for social media it’s important to accommodate the fact that most videos are viewed without sound, usually inside a small window on a small mobile screen. Given these conditions, on-screen text is crucial to the success of the campaign. All text must be large enough and kept in vision for long enough to be legible, without weighing on the pace of the overall production.

Like most businesses, Homes4U have presences on various social media channels. In order to keep everything straightforward, the competition was to take place solely on the Homes4U Facebook page. But they wanted to ensure that nobody missed out and that anyone following on Instagram and Twitter would be directed to the Facebook page so they could join in. So we also produced two trailers to promote the competition.

The first trailer was designed to run on all of Homes4U’s social media channels in the week before the competition’s launch, generating broad awareness and interest in the promotion among all of Homes4U’s social followers, as well as fans of Sale Sharks.

The second trailer ran only on social media other than Facebook, directing users to the main promotional video on the Homes4U Facebook page.

Homes4U “Cribs”: Trailer no. 1

Homes4U “Cribs”: Trailer no. 2

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