Project Overview

Credius hired Reedsmore to make a series of videos for their website, outlining the benefits of choosing Credius for each of their service categories.

  • Project Type: Explainer Videos
  • Client: Credius
  • Platforms: Client website; YouTube
  • Year: 2015

Homepage intro video produced by Reedsmore for Credius.

Why They Work

As a new challenger brand, Credius needed to build client trust rapidly. We produced a series of five videos for Credius focusing on each of the four product areas that Credius provides, and one overview of all of Credius’s services.

Traditionally, corporate videos show off the might of the organisation they are promoting by emphasising the size and age of the business, and the expertise and experience of its workforce. While flattering to the organisation and its management, these factors are all but irrelevant to any prospective customer.

Conversely, the key to the success of this series of videos is their focus on the needs of the target audience, introducing Credius to prospective clients and focusing on what those clients want to know about each of the service areas Credius offers.

The videos were primarily designed to be viewed on the respective pages on the website, but each also works as a stand-alone production, enabling the videos to make sense when viewed away from the site, allowing for them to be distributed in a variety of ways including via social media and email campaigns.

Credius pensions explainer video.

Production Design

The desired result of these videos was not for them to go viral, or to amass millions of views. Instead, the primary goal was to turn potential clients into warm leads. Financial products such as mortgages and insurance policies are not discretionary purchases that people buy on a whim, so if we had tried to sell them like that we wouldn’t have got very far.

Our target audience was people who were already actively looking for Credius’s services. Our objective was to get them to contact Credius so the sales process can begin.

All the videos were produced using Credius’s existing design assets (logo, fonts, colours) to provide a seamless customer experience, wherever the videos are seen.

Each video opens with a clear statement of the question that the video will answer, reassuring the viewer that they have come to the right place to find the information they are looking for.

Credius mortgages explainer video.

Making Information Accessible

Any online video should make information accessible, so they must not be a chore to watch. Consequently, there is no perfect minutes-and-seconds running time, so we made each of these videos exactly as long as it needs to be, and no longer. The large, animated text is designed to be fully legible whether viewed in a small window on a mobile device or on a desktop monitor. By not giving away too much detail (only providing the what and the why of the service, but not the how) we also increase the likelihood that a genuinely warm lead will follow the clear and simple call to action at the end of each video.

While Credius (like most businesses) has numerous communication channels available, we deliberately only give two options at the end of each video. While this might seem counterintuitive, it prevents giving the viewer “choice paralysis” as they become overwhelmed by contact options.

Credius insurance explainer video.

Natural, Open, Honest

While all the questions were prepared and agreed beforehand, Owrang’s answers were not scripted. And as he was responding to the questions being put to him by a real human being, we generated a perceptibly warmer response than if he was either addressing the camera (which takes weeks of coaching to do well, even to a basic standard) or simply speaking to an empty space. Owrang’s natural eye contact, speech patterns and turns of phrase all come across on camera as 100% genuine, helping him to come across as sincere and genuine, helping to build the viewer’s trust.

The Result

Keeping these videos simple, crafting each message carefully and, crucially, making the content relatable and relevant to prospective clients has made them a key factor in Credius’s ongoing success.

It’s also given the messages exceptional longevity: This series of videos was created for Credius’s launch in 2015. At the time of writing, these videos are still live on Credius’s website in 2020.

Credius workplace pensions explainer video.

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