How To Keep Your Website Running Fast And Lean

Three tips to help you keep your site loading fast and minimise your hosting costs. 1. Don’t upload video and audio files directly to your site. Media audio and video files are comparatively large and can slow down your site. … Read More

SEO For Business Bloggers: Part 1

We’re often asked by business owners for some simple, no-cost tips to optimise their blog posts for search engines. In this two-part post, Reedsmore’s senior consultant Rob Taylor takes you through ten crucial steps to help you ensure that search … Read More

Why Daily WordPress Updates Are Essential

Because if you don’t, you risk getting hacked. In January 2017, WordPress identified a potential exploit in the code of its content management system. Like most vulnerabilities, this serious security hole was discovered by WordPress developers before hackers got hold … Read More

Gutenberg Is Coming

04/12/2018 UPDATE: WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg has confirmed that WordPress 5.0 is now due to launch on Thursday 6th December 2018. 27/11/2018 UPDATE: The launch date of WordPress 5.0 has been rescheduled again, to an as-yet unnanounced date. We will … Read More

Just When You Thought Advertising Was Dead…

Advertising was getting boring. Online it’s barely working at all. Offline, TV still leads, but it’s not often you see anything actually new. And then this happened. Last night on US television, the lo-fi, un-PC card game Cards Against Humanity … Read More

Reedsmore Keeps Clients Ahead of the Game

Updates to Firefox and Google Chrome browsers mean that they now flag up standard HTTP websites as insecure. They tell the user that any information sent via these sites can be intercepted by the bad guys. It’s not just credit … Read More