Just When You Thought Advertising Was Dead…

Advertising was getting boring. Online it’s barely working at all. Offline, TV still leads, but it’s not often you see anything actually new.

And then this happened. Last night on US television, the lo-fi, un-PC card game Cards Against Humanity ran a 30″ spot in the lead up to the Super Bowl, consisting of a single, motionless shot of a potato with the word ADVERTISEMENT written on it.

Except they didn’t.

Then today they announced that the company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to the colossal expense and complete failure of the ad.

Except they (probably) aren’t.

What actually happened is this: CAH created its own fake news, backed up by a real potato video and with fabricated tweets. There was no 30″ Super Bowl TV spot. Just a YouTube video and a Medium post, talking sincerely about things that never really happened.

Not only was it a great marketing stunt, it shattered of the barrier between the online and offline worlds, and did it with style. Congratulations to all concerned.